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Superior Outdoor Structures provides many types of “Post-Frame Buildings” also known as Pole Barns and Pole Buildings. These have a variety of different uses, from garages, to horse barns, to riding arenas, to hay barns, and even low cost upscale homes. At Superior Outdoor Structures it is our profession to provide you with a full service experience from design to construction. We take the headaches out of the building experience; we are with you every step of the way. Each pole barn or horse barn is designed to meet your specific needs and desires.

We use only the top quality construction materials and professional building crews to insure that you will get a building that you can be proud of for years to come. Every Customer is important to us and Superior Outdoor Structures strives to provide the best pole barn building solutions along with an excellent customer experience.

Give us a call to discuss your next building project and get a free no hassle quote today. Please look through the FAQ section below to familiarize yourself with many of the often-asked questions about Post Frame Construction. If you still have questions please feel free to ask. We have found that a well-educated customer is a happy customer.

Why Post Frame Construction is Better:
Post frame construction is easier, stronger, and cheaper. What more could you ask for? Here are some facts to help you convince naysayers that pole barns and other pole buildings are constructed using the best method of construction hands down.

Foundation costs usually exceeds 15% of the total cost of construction for typical single story construction. Pole buildings use posts as the framing member. The strength of posts buried 3 to 4 feet deep provides excellent lateral and vertical bearing strength. 

Rather than pouring huge amounts of concrete accompanied by a large excavation project, the foundation for pole buildings are simply the holes that are drilled using a power auger.

For areas that are not flat, a conventional foundation would require earth moving and grading to level the site. Pole buildings require less site preparation than other forms of construction. 

Rather than waste a prime location for your new building because of excavation issues, instead build a pole building in a less desirable area since site contours are in some cases acceptable for certain pole barn uses.

Pole barns can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or be an open air barn with minimal finishing costs. Walls are non load bearing using pole construction methods. The poles support the weight of the building. Non load bearing walls also lower framing costs too.

Post frame buildings have fewer thermal breaks than conventional construction. Posts on 8′ or greater centers can be insulated better than a stick frame building with studs 16″ or 24″ on center.

A properly designed and constructed pole building can handle weather that would destroy conventional structures. A post embedded in the earth transmits lateral forces (wind loading) on the walls directly into the ground. 

Structures supported by poles do not tend to collapse during a fire like conventional wood framing on foundations do.

Post frame construction is ideal for dozens of building types including:
• Barns
• Garages
• Homes
• Utility buildings
• Office buildings
• Vacation Homes
• Cabins
• Open face building
• Horse stalls
• Retail Stores
• Aircraft Hangars
Always check into zoning and get a building permit prior to planning your construction project.

Why Poles are So Strong
Did you know that a pole has twice the bending strength of a dimensioned piece of wood the same size? 

Shipbuilders used poles as masts for sailing ships. They removed very little wood other than bark to maintain mask bending strength. 

As a tree grows, it pre-stresses its fibers. Wood on the outside of a tree trunk can achieve 2000 psi of tension. The inner wood is actually in compression. The outer tension of the exterior wood is what allows a tree to bend substantially before it actually goes into compression. 

Modern concrete structures use this same technique to strengthen them against breaking under tension.

A standard pole barn/ post frame building includes the following:
• 5″ x 5″ Pressure Treated posts for framing, a 6” x 6” post on taller buildings
• 2″ x 6″ Wall girts
• 2” x 6” Pressure Treated Grade Board
• 2” x 8” Truss Carrier/Header, larger on buildings with larger truss spans
• Trusses made with 2” x 6” on 4’ or 5′ centers with a 3/12 pitch (depending on size of building)
• 2” x 4” Roof Purlins on 24” centers
• 1 – 3′ Steel entrance door
• 6” Overhang
• Ridge cap with Outside Closure Quadra Lock Plus
• Metal roof and sides 29 guage or better
• Rat Guard
• Soffit Trim
• 4″ Concrete floor with rebar (concrete is optional)
• And much, much, more see section “Why Are Pole Barns”?

• · Insulation
• · Wainscoting

• · Imitation stone
• · Single-hung vinyl windows with Low-E glass, with or without grid on glass
• · Upgraded windows or doors
• · Larger over hang roofs
• · Overhead garage doors: any size available, with or without insulation
• · Garage door Openers
• · Slider doors
• · Steeper roof pitch
• · Cupolas
• · Porches
• · Patios
• · Stenciled/Stamped or stained concrete
• · Sidewalks
• · Driveways
• · Retaining walls
• .    Inside and Outside closures for insects and pests
• .    Turn key homes or offices
If a desired service isn’t on the list, please ask to
see if we can provide the specific service to fit
your needs!

Pole Barns Homework

  1. Get a tablet and a pencil you’re going to need them to take notes, and sketch or draw a layout or floor plan. It will also help to get a measuring tape of at least 30′ and sometimes a 100′ tape would be better. Plus look through our frequently asked questions to help guide you through this process before you call.
  2. Measure the area you are going to construct your Superior Outdoor Structures pole barn width, length, and height for obstructions. Make a note of these numbers to give to us when you call. Knowing your size is the starting point and most important information to know. We can help advise you once you give us these dimensions. This will be the first thing we ask you when you call. It’s best to add 5’ around the building when measuring for dirt and site prep and room to perform the construction of the pole barn. Also determine the roof pitch you desire from 3/12 to 5/12. For roof pitches 6/12 and up there is and additional equipment charge to build these buildings.
  3. Next decide 29 gauge or 26 gauge sheet metal.
  4. Now measure the width, length, and height of the items that will be going in your Superior Outdoor Structures pole barn. Make sure to allow enough space between two vehicles if you’re parking two or more items side by side to open doors and to walk among them comfortably. Do not forget to leave room for your Mac and Matco tool boxes and Miller welding equipment when measuring just to name a few things. Allow enough room also to place that Harbor Freight Air Compressor in the corner out of the way of doors and such.
  5. Now determine if you are going to build any lean-to’s on the side’s or end’s on your Superior Outdoor Structures pole barn. Determine the minimum height under the eave to drive and walk under. We will use a 2/12 pitch on most lean-to’s. Determine if you want them partial closed in or open all the way around.
  6. Now determine the number and size of your large openings for access or doors and determine their location. Next decide if you wish to have us install our garage doors, slider doors, dutch doors, or custom sliders. Keep in mind if you’re going to want to install a door opener a conventional garage door will be your only choice. Also note when putting doors on the eve sides of the buildings you will need 18” taller than the door. We can install up to an 18’ wide garage doors standard in the gable ends and eaves we will need to install a L.V.L. header when putting the wider doors on the eave side. Next determine if you want insulated or non insulated doors and possibly any windows in the garage doors.
  7. Next is to decide if you are going to insulate your building and if you’re going to heat only or heat and cool the pole barn as well.
  8. Next step is walk through doors and windows. Number of personnel doors and type, steel jamb/steel door or aluminum jamb/steel door. Next is windows 2×3, 3×3, 3×4, or 3×5 and locations. Pencil them in on your drawing.
  9. Next is to decide if you want a solid wall color or wainscot.
  10. Now comes the time to decide if you want 12” soffits, or standard metal overhang, and any other option’s as well.
    Now if you have the ability, get some stakes and string and stake it off in the location you’re going to build it in, then drive the items inside the staked off area to verify you are going to be able to accommodate all the items you are going to store and walk about comfortably is one of the best ideas to confirm your needs.
  11. Determine if you’re going to construct your building with concrete inside and out.
  12. Make sure there are no utilities that will be harmed or in the way when building the structure or driving the anchors. In Oklahoma call Okie “811” if you are in doubt. Other states just contact your local utility company they will advise you from there.
  13. Check grade and verify how far off level the area is. Determine how you want to level the area beforehand. We have contractors that we can recommend in most cases to help you. All bids are made considering you have a flat and level pad, we very seldom include dirt and site prep in our bids unless it’s specifically noted and initialed by you.
    Now put it all on paper and decide if you need more room to grow. In all the years of advising customers and selling buildings I have never heard anyone say they wish they had built a smaller building. But it’s very seldom a day goes by without these words spoken to me. “I wish I would have built a bigger building last time”. So you might determine if your area and budget will allow for a bit larger building say 20% for growing room. It’s always easier in the beginning and cheaper to do it the first time.
  14. Next determine your colors if possible at this point. Roof, trim, walls and if you’re going to wainscot the sides. Wainscot is when you see a building that has the first 3′ or 4’ a different color than the rest of the wall and usually matches the trim and or roof.
  15. If you are financing determine the method you wish to use. Let us know which finance option you are looking at and we will advise you from there. See “Financing” for more detailed information.
  16. Now it is time to call us and you should have the information we need to help you get that A+ grade. 918-224-4334 for a final to the penny price you must call us or come into the office at 901 N Mission, Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066. It is best to call to make sure we are in the office and not out at a jobsite. Appointments can be made as well.

Please keep in mind that it is up to you when purchasing a Superior Outdoor Structures pole barn to research and obtain any permits that your particular state, county, and city require. *Superior Outdoor Structures and its contractors do not require that you have a permit to build and we take no responsibility in the event that one was not obtained before construction. If permits are to be obtained you will likely need to have an engineer drawings of some sort for your local codes, please inform us of this when purchasing or pricing so we may assist you in obtaining the proper paperwork and price the pole barn correctly.

NOTE: For post frame homes we will require that you have a basic drawing and in most cases come into our office to discuss these buildings, there are many variables when designing and constructing pole barns that are to be use for homes that need to be discussed in person. Be sure to tell us if you are constructing your pole barn for a residence when you call or come in.

A Word About The-National Frame Builders Association


Gail Pannozzo

April 2018

Bradford Buildings represented by Superior Outdoor Structures as an authorized dealer has earned the status of Accredited Post-Frame Builder by the National Frame Building Association (NFBA).

The accredited status requires exceptional commitment to quality and customer service. Bradford Buildings has pledged to adhere to quality workmanship, state and local building codes, safety standards, and ethical business practices. In order to maintain accredited status, Bradford Buildings is required to earn continuing education credits annually and provide verification of workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, NFBA is comprised of over 600 members. They represent post-frame construction, manufacturing, and marketing companies, as well as code and design professionals. NFBA is the only trade association representing the interests of the post-frame construction industry.

In addition to being the owner of Bradford Buildings, Monte Bradford is also a board member on the National Board of Directors for the National Frame Builder Association as well as the Heartland Chapter.

Bradford Buildings in conjunction with Superior Outdoor Structures and its design and sales specialist Thomas Johnson and Brian Smith have won 4 prestigious National Frame Builder Association Building of the Year awards with the Heartland Chapter.

So, ask yourself before purchasing your next post frame pole barn structure, Are the builders that I am looking at members of the NFBA? If they are not, then ask yourself this “Why not”?

There are a few post frame companies in the state who are members of the NFBA, with only 2 being accredited members. Don’t be fooled by false advertisement and logos on websites. Check it out at nfba.org

Pole Barn Pricing — Superior Outdoor Structures

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Color Selection

To help to choose a color we have provided a link to our primary supplier. Check it out at

Paramount Metals

Post Frame Garages

Another Type Of “Pole Barn”
For your automotive storage and repair needs!
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Whether a garage is a necessity or just a want Superior Outdoor structures can help you build your dream garage. No matter if you’re going to store that prized Corvette, Ranger bass boat, Yamaha wave runners or that side by side you just purchased from Polaris. We will make sure, it’s strong enough to handle just about all the elements and accommodate all your needs.

Not all garages have to be the same very seldom are they. If you want a customized garage that will compliment your home or other buildings on your property, Superior Outdoor Structures is you pole barn garage builder.

One advantages of having Superior Outdoor Structures build your garage is we can pour your concrete slabs sidewalks and driveways. While saving you money and time. Plus install high quality 24 gauge garage doors both commercial and residential.

When building a pole barn style garage usually the sizes are no smaller than 24×30 which is room enough to accommodate one to two vehicles and providing some storage space. Your driveway will determine how many doors the garage has and where they’re placed.

Attached to your existing pole barn home or building or detached, you can add gutters and overhangs as a means to increase the eye appeal of your garage. We have many different colors for you to choose from when customizing your garage and ensuring it compliments your home’s exterior. With our wide selection of options your garage or post frame building will be designed and customized the way you want it.

Hundreds of home and business owners have come to trust Superior Outdoor Structures for their custom barns, garages and workshops. You can be rest assured that we stand behind you and your project to ensure 100% satisfaction and a 5 year warranty. Every step of the way Superior Outdoor Structures will be providing a reliable, sturdy, long lasting garage that you will be proud of for years to come.

Sapulpa Oklahoma 74066
Salesman Brian Smtih 918-224-4334
4/12 Pitch 25 psi / 120 mph Snow/Windload Trusses
(2) 10×8 Residential Raised Panel Garage Doors
(10) Windows in Garage Doors
(1) 12×10 Single Sliding Door
(1) Steel 9-Lite Door
(2) Energy Star 3×4 Pella Windows
(2) Polycarbonate Skylights
Rustic Red Roof / Trim / Wainescoat / Ivory Walls

Agricultural Barns

For all your planting, cattle, an equipment storage needs!
These are not your Great Dads Pole Barns anymore!
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Agricultural pole barns come in many sizes the most common are 30×50, 40×60, 40×80 and for that super sized equipment building 50×100. How big of a barn do you need you are only limited to your imagination and space. It all depends on what you plan to keep in your Superior Outdoor Structures pole barn.

Just a few an examples, a maybe you need a hay barn without a concrete floor and open on both ends, maybe you need it for feeding livestock or housing poultry, a roof only riding arena. The equipment that will be stored inside the barn will also make a difference in the size of barn needed. Having sheds off the sides of your Agricultural pole barn is very common they range from 12′ to 18′ or larger.

At Superior Outdoor Structures we are very familiar with the unique needs of todays farm and rancher, Not only have we designed and constructed many of these we are also farmer and ranchers ourselves.

Post Frame Workshop

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We all know the definition of a ‘work shop’ building is pretty self-explanatory. It’s where you work and ‘get things done.’ Whether you enjoy repairing old 32 Ford Coupes, customizing that prized Harley, doing a little woodwork for the wife, or maybe you just need somewhere for all of your Harbor Freight tools and Snap On equipment; Superior Outdoor Structures can fulfill all of your needs and desires.

Superior Outdoor Structures goal is to help you create a well-designed, inexpensive, and long lasting but productive environment. From the very first conversation we have up until your work shop is completely built, our barn professionals are with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction of the progress and results.

Another reason we hope you’ll consider us for your work shop needs are our over 100 years of combined work experience in the post frame / pole barn construction industry. Our goal is to give you the most value for your money. Superior Outdoor Structures can do it all build your building, pour your concrete, and install your garage doors. With less sub-contractors and 3rd parties involved, the process of building your dream workshop is much more efficient and seamless.

Workshops are only limited in size by your imagination and need they usually feature an entrance door and a few garage doors, however this is just a guide and the options are endless. The features of your work shop buildings include open, flexible floor plans so that you can make use of the space in whatever way you like. If you have other buildings on your property and want your work shop to compliment your current structures, we can accommodate your needs.

Just remember SOS or Superior Outdoor Structure’s where you can expect nothing but the best from start to finish we have your construction needs covered.

Horse Barns & Equestrian Buildings

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At Superior Outdoor Structures we understand the importance of having a safe, reliable, and sturdy barn for your horses and other furry critters. Be it for Quarter Horses, Thoroughbred racers, Arabians, Clydesdales, Morgan’s or Tennessee Walkers we can build you a barn to meet each unique need while being appealing and stylish, give us a call. Many Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas. Missouri and Colorado horse owners choose us for their horse barn construction needs.

When imagining a horse barn, safety should be the first thing that comes to mind. This is the highest priority and one we don’t take lightly. However, we also understand that many owners would prefer a more stylish barn to a plain, traditional barn. Plus the needs for each breed and type of horse or livestock is different. Superior Outdoor Structures has a variety of options and features for our horse barns that provide the peace-of-mind you deserve.

When working with Superior Outdoor Structures for your horse barn will be an experience both enjoyable but relaxing we know what we’re doing. The details of every post frame building we construct are highly important because we aim to satisfy our customers. From the very first consultation, you can be confident in us because your barn is backed by a Years of experience from an established company with one of the best reputation in the industry.

We know you’re concerned about your horse barn being able to withstand abuse from the horses or the weather, our horse barns can withstand the typical abuse that occurs to a horse’s surroundings while being safe and functional. The layout, ventilation and overall flow of traffic through your building comes in to play from the beginning stages of your horse barn construction, up until it is final cupola is installed we will be there until the end.

It’s not easy taking care of horses we know that since we own a few, but if you love horses like we do you know it’s worth it. If you needing a new pole barn / post frame building for your horses you can trust Superior Outdoor Structures to help you create the ideal horse barn that is safe, sturdy, and compliments that of your existing buildings or home. We know what you’re thinking because we own these beautiful creatures as well.

Sapulpa Oklahoma 74066
Salesman: Thomas Johnson
NFBA Building of the Year Runner-Up
(2) 12×60 Sheds
5/12 Pitch 25 psi / 120 mph Snow/Windload Trusses
(2) 14×12 Insulated Overhead Garage Doors
(4) Cannon Ball Dutch Doors
(4) Cannon Ball Half Dutch Bale Doors
(2) 3×3 Vented Cupolas
Priefert Horse Stalls
12″ Overhangs Complete Building
Custom Drains
Burnished Slate Roof / Rustic Red Trim & Wainscot / Light Stone Walls

Post Frame Storage buildings

Just a different twist on Pole barn construction
When you need something more permanent versus portable
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Storage barns are buildings that many homeowners almost always need at some point in time. They can be in any size or shape. You might need only a walk-through door or add a few garage doors as well to make accessibility easier depending on your needs and usage. Add a lean-to on the side for covered storage outside.

If you aren’t sure what size of storage barn you should get, consider what you’re going to store inside, determine the square footage of these particular items you’re going to store, and then add 10% to 20% for growing room to determine how large your storage barn should be.

Superior Outdoor Structures can help you determine the design that best fits to customize that perfect building.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063
4/12 Pitch 25psf / 120 mph Snow and Wind Load Trusses
(1) 16×10 Insulated Residential 24 Gauge Garage Door
(1) Lift Master 3800 Series Garage Door Opener
(1) 36″ 6 Panel Steel Door / Wood Frame Series 94
Complete Insulation Package R-6 Type Double Bubble
24×36 Concrete Slab 4″ Think With 1/2″ Rebar
(1) 12×36 Lean with a 2/12 Pitch Completely Trimmed Out
Burnished Slate Roof / Trim
Gray Walls

Post Frame Commercial Buildings

Say bye bye to the high cost of all steel frame buildings
Post frame construction more versatility, same strength, less expensive!
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Since the way we work and do business changes, so do the buildings we conduct work in. The standards for warehouse and office buildings are changing, which is why it’s important to hire experts like Superior Outdoor Structures to achieve higher levels of both building and occupant performance.

Our post frame / pole barn commercial buildings have open floor plans allowing you to utilize the space of your building in the best way for your business, while clear-span trusses provide greater overhead clearance not posts or load bearing walls in the middle of the building to worry about. Plus Superior Outdoor Structures buildings are virtually maintenance-free for years of trouble free usage, which allows you to focus on what is important to you growing your company, not maintaining your building.

At Superior Outdoor Structures we are confident in our workmanship and back it with easy-to-understand warranty 5 years workmanship and materials that’s one of the best in the industry.
We’ve worked with companies and organizations in various stages of their building projects from those that have already had plans drawn by an architect, while others are only in the planning phase, and some are ready for us to help design and move forward with construction. No matter what stage you are in currently, we will help guide you to the best possible outcome.

We invite you to experience the award-winning, National Frame Builders Associations, Building of the Year recipient Superior Outdoor Structures difference. We know what we are doing and can help you with all your building needs.

Post Frame Homes

These are not just a barn with walls anymore!
Pole barn / post frame homes have become all the rage.
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
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Pole barn or post frame homes have become quite popular, here at Superior Outdoor Structures we have extensive experience in not only advising you on your post frame house but also in the construction of these energy efficient, long lasting, extremely strong and durable steel sided mansions.

You’re only limited to your imagination when it comes to post frame homes. It’s our experience you can save up to 40% off conventional residential built homes and save up to 20% off your insurance for the life of your new pole barn house.

These are not just square or rectangle barns with walls built inside anymore. These pole barn homes can be customized and designed to look as attractive as any conventional 2×4 frame home out there, or they can me built with economy and function in mind as well.

Post frame houses have to be built differently than just a standard pole barn to help eliminate issues throughout the construction process and to save you money at time. Many factors go into the design like interior finish, insulation factors, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, door and window placement.

Here at superior Outdoor Structures we can help you in making wise and intelligent choices as you plan and execute this process. You will have to do your “Homework” on these buildings for sure.
So before you start thinking a pole barn home is in your future call Superior Outdoor Structures for a consultation on where to begin. Once you have gathered all your specifics we can move forward with giving you a too the penny bid and help with financing in certain cases.

Pole Barns Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Take a look below to see if any of these answers help.

A: Here at Superior Outdoor Structures we represent the top quality building companies in the business and build every building with pride. Our trusses are set on 4’ or 5′ centers, unlike many post-frame builders that set their trusses on 8′ or 10′ centers in order to cut costs. The trusses are an important part of a building’s integrity. The more trusses you have, the better the structural integrity. Our trusses are engineered with a 20-lb/psf-snow load rating and a 115 mph wind load rating standard. They are built to withstand the extreme weather conditions that you may encounter in the Mid West. Several other companies will either build their trusses on the job site or they send a standard factory built truss that was never engineered properly or just to I.B.C. Code 2006 which is only 17.1 lb/psf snow load rating and 90 mph wind load. We also run our end posts all the way up to the top of the building rake, rather than stopping at the ceiling joists and using a “dummy” truss. This gives our buildings greater structural integrity, as well as a higher wind load resistance. Add in our secondary framing known as rat run this gives you a superior quality building. We also use only Prime 40yr Rated Galvalume Paint American Made Metal for our exterior as well as American Made Screws not cheaper foreign brands or nails. We “NEVER” use sheet metal known as “seconds”, which typically does not carry a manufacturer’s warranty. We use solid posts that are fully treated to a .60 value or in laymen’s terms 60%, unlike other companies that will only use treated .40 lumber in the ground and untreated lumber above the ground. These posts typically consist of 2x6s that are glued or nailed together; therefore the strength is only as good as the glue or the nails. We set our posts 3′ (minimum) into the ground for a more solid footing and to ensure that the post is below the frost line.

A: Yes. You should have the building pad as level as possible. We will level the building with the highest part of the ground. If the ground is not level there will be a gap under the building where the ground slopes, you can always back fill if needed. The ground needs to be within 2”-4” of being perfectly level in order to use our standard pole lengths. This may require hiring an excavator or using a builder’s level to determine if the ground is level.

A: Yes. We use a 2 x 6 CCA .60 treated bottom plate around the bottom of the building. This board can be used as a form for pouring a concrete slab. Concrete can normally be poured through the large door opening. If the concrete contractor requires additional access to pour the concrete then some wall metal could be left off and installed by the customer after the concrete is poured. In some instances, we can set the posts for the building and pull off the job until the concrete is complete. This may require additional cost for travel expenses for the crew.

A: Maybe. Ask a sales representative for specifics. This depends largely on the location of the building site. Generally if you live within 80 to 100 miles of Tulsa or Oklahoma City we can accommodate your concrete needs.

A: Yes. You will need to make us aware of this, so we can figure the costs and material correctly. Also keep in mind that your slab must have a substantial footing to bare the weight load of the building. We are not responsible for damage to the floor that may occur from insufficient footing.

A: Maybe. Some counties or cities will require a building permit. The building requirements and restrictions are very different in every area. It is the customer’s responsibility to check with the local building inspection office to identify any building restrictions that may be enforced. The customer is responsible for the cost of a building permit, if one is required. We can provide detailed truss drawings to assist in the process of obtaining a permit, which in most cases is all that is needed from us. Occasionally, a municipality will require site specific Engineered Sealed Drawings for your building. We can provide engineered drawings and modify the construction of the building, if required. The engineer requires a payment for this service, which is an additional cost that must be paid when the drawings are contracted for. Also keep in mind that if any inspections are required during the construction this may require our builders to stop and wait on the inspector. If this occurs there is a small fee for the down time.

A: Yes. We need to be aware of your local building requirements and can modify our standard construction to adapt to your local building codes. Factory engineered trusses are used on all buildings (unless it is a rafter application; porch, shed, lien-to). Changes to our standard construction must be reviewed by our engineer and priced by our sales staff.

A: Yes. The customer is responsible for having electricity at the job site or they must have a generator available for the builders to use during construction. We can provide a generator for a modest cost if needed.

A: An additional fee of $300 a day will apply if the holes cannot be drilled with a hand held auger in a reasonable amount of time (typically requires five minutes to 10 minutes per hole). Customer will pay the amount due directly to the builder for the additional labor that is required. If the auger and rock bars cannot provide adequate posthole depth, then the customer will be responsible for providing any equipment necessary. Equipment would typically consist of a jackhammer and compressor, which can be rented from a local supplier. In some cases a bobcat w/auger or a drilling rig may be required. The builder will determine what type of equipment will be needed. Easy way to help determine if rock is going to be encountered is to mark off the location of the posts and drive a 4’ piece of rebar into the ground to see if there is going to be a possibility of hitting rock. Keep in mind we use a 12” auger bit to drill your holes.

A: Yes. Galvalume metal has a protective coating and has materials in the metal to prevent rust. Standard Galvalume metal has a 25-year limited warranty, but Galvanized metal does not have an extended warranty. Galvalume and Galvanized metal have a silver finish.

A: 29 gauge metal is in the range of .014 to .017 thickness, while 26 gauge metal is in the range of .018 to .021 thickness and is available at additional cost.

A: Yes. It is very common to use as many as three different color options. We offer more than 20 different colors to choose from. Color charts and color chips are available. Colors are normally indicated for the roof, walls, and trim, sliding door, and wainscoting.

A: Yes, We collect Approx 30% of the contract price upon ordering another 50% when the building materials are delivered to your building site but no later than the completion of the main structure and the balance is collected when the building is completed. Concrete will be paid C.O.D to the concrete crew once they have completed the job separate from the building minus any deposits collect at the time of signing your contracts. The first payment is given to the Sales Staff and the second payment is given to the delivery driver or the builder, which in most cases the builders arrival is at the same time as the materials and the final payment is given to the builder upon completion. Superior Outdoor Structures accepts cashiers’ checks, money orders, or major credit cards for payment.

A: We will always strive to work around your schedule on deliveries and construction. We construct each building in the order that it was received. Weather conditions and production will affect the lead-time. A representative will contact you prior to delivering the materials to arrange a day and time for making the delivery. We will also contact you prior to the arrival of the builders so that you can make arrangements to meet them at the building site.

A: No. We do not sell Kits!

A: Maybe. We are able to install doors in most cases depending on location. You can also contact a local overhead door company to install a door. Most overhead doors will require approximately 24″ of clearance for overhead track. Example: If you order a 10′ tall building, then the maximum door height that you can use is 8′. You will need to check with the overhead door company and verify the size of the opening that they will require. This information must be given to Superior Outdoor Structures before construction begins. If you are going to pour a concrete slab inside the building it is important to remember that the thickness of the slab will affect the door clearance.

A: Yes and No. Most states do not allow agricultural exemptions for buildings or improvements to real property. We allow Oklahoma Farm Tax exemptions. Please check with your local state tax authority to see if you can use your farm tax exemption.

A: Standard posts have a .60 CCA treatment. The manufacturer has a “Lifetime” rating and a 60 –year warranty, but the life span of the post should far exceed 60 years. Post Protectors are also available to offer additional protection from moisture and termites; they have a limited-lifetime warranty.

A: We have ridge vents, gable vents, cupolas, closure vents and exhaust fans. Any of these products will offer sufficient ventilation and can be used in combination with each other.

A: Maybe. The laws of physics dictate that a metal building exposed to humidity will collect moisture at times. However, if you insulate your building or use a concrete floor, or both, you will virtually eliminate condensation.

A: The truth is that skylights require maintenance. Unlike the rest of your pole building, which is virtually maintenance free, skylights may need to be re-caulked every 3-5 years to prevent leaking. You should be aware that if you insulate the roof of your building, skylights should not be used. As an alternative you can always install our polycarbonate panels on the eve sides of your building thus getting the same effect without the hassles of leaking often associated with “Skylights” in the roof.

A: The post-frame industry uses outside wall height as the industry standard for measuring size. A 10′ wall height (or eave height) does not mean that there is 10′ of clearance inside your building. Typically if you have a 10′ wall, your clearance inside is approximately 9′ 6 ½ “ without a concrete floor and 9’ 2 ½” with a concrete floor. Sliding doors are 1′ shorter than the specified wall height and overhead doors are 2′ shorter than specified wall height. That way anything that fits through the doors will certainly clear the ceiling joists.

A: Yes. We can customize your building to fit your needs.

Pole Barns Financing

We can get you the money you need!
Low interest rates, easy terms!
Accredited Nationally Known Bank!
Conventional Financing
Terms as low as 5.99% for 7 years!
Quick and easy application W.A.C.
Nationally known bank who are accredited gold standard members with the National Frame Builders Association and specialize in pole barns! Not funny financing like some.

Terms are as follow:
7 years 5.99%
10 years 6.99%
12 years 7.99%
You chose whats best for you!

Not a second mortgage!
No Closing Cost!
No Collateral – Just Your Good Credit!
No Early Pay Off Penalties!
Up to $45000.00
3-5 Days You’re Done!
30 Second Decisions’!

You must own the property in your name that the pole barn will be built on, and have verifiable income to qualify.

Give Thomas Johnson a call at 918-224-4334 to apply by phone and to inquire about this service.

We do offer FHA loans in certain situations when needed.

Pole Barns Service Areas

Areas We Service
For pole barns and post frame construction we service out to 600 miles from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The states included in this are Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, parts of Colorado and Texas as well.

We have many satisfied customers located in Tulsa, Bixby, Catoosa, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Glennpool, Coweta, Claremore, Skiatook, Mannford, Kellyville, Collinsville, Keifer, Mounds, Okmulgee, Jenks, Oklahoma City, McAlester, Muskogee, Nowata, Bartlesville, Shawnee, Chandler, Drumwright, Durat, Jay, Cromwell, Edmond, Sand Springs, Bristow, Okarche, Piedmont, Lexington, Talequah, Okeene, Talala, Luther, Beggs, Stroud, Stillwater, Noble, Goodwell, Hooker, Eufaula, Newalla, and many places not listed in OK, KS, AR, CO, MO, TX that would be willing to tell you about their experience and show of their building.

Please give us a call to determine if you are in our service area and we can provide you with a quality buildings and a reasonable price. Some services such as garage doors and concrete slabs, not available in all areas.